Diving in the Emirates

Living in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, since September 2008, I did a research about the best diving spots in the...

The Parnaioca Operation

Information about dive on Parnaioca wreck

The Bellucia

Information about dive on Bellucia wreck

The Galleon Santa Rosa – Lost treasure in brazilian waters

Informations about the famous wreck on brazilian coast

The identity of the Navio do Breu

More informations about Navio do Breu wreck

From Galeao to Buenos Aires

Information about dive on Galeao and Buenos Aires wreck

Tugboat Lupus

Information about dive on Lupus wreck

The Voetboog

Information about Voetboog wreck

Axis submarines off the brazilian coast

Submarines of second war on brazilian coast