The Black Adder

For many years a shipwreck was almost forgotten at the Boa viagem beach at Salvador, bahia. It was known as Black Dder.

The shipwreck is about 200 meters from the shore in dephts from 8 to 15 meters. The ship have iron hull and three masts and the main attraction is her bow,that still remains in good conditions. When I dived this shipwreck for the first time and saw the iron hull, I expected to see an engine and boilers but none of this itens was there.

My first thought was that somebody took off this itens in some part of the ship´s life. The presence of masts indicates that this vessel could have both steam and wind propulsion. After the dive i was puzzled about what i have seen.I started to research in the internet, trying to find some informations about this ship.

Until that moment, tha data available was:

The name: Black Dder

Nationality: Norwegian

Year of Sinking: 1905

Cargo: Coal. But there was no confirmation of these informations.

A few months have passed until I found a register of a three mast ship with iron hull named “Black Adder“. Buil in 1870 in England by Maudslay, Son & Field Shipyards for Sir John Willis. John Willis was a proeminent British shipowner and he was also the owner of the famous “Cutty Sark” that until today make her visitors astonished with her beauty. The “Cutty Sark” , the “Black Adder” and her sister ship ” Halloween” was classified as Tea Clippers: Very fast ships used in the routes between Europe and the Orient.

– In 1872 , the “Black Adder” sail from Deal to Shangai in the record time of 95 days;

– In 1899 it was sold to a Norwegian Shipowner;

– In september 11th , 1905 she sailed to Bahia with a cargo of Coal and in november 5th of the same year it sunk.

After I found the ship’s information, the family with the same name of the ship send me a image of the “Black Adder”. The name of this vessel was inspired after a river at the city of Berwickshire and between the family and the ship exists only a coincidence of having the same name. For fate or luck, i have make contact with a member of this family who collects all kind of itens with the name Black Adder. Every ship have her history and know it will make your dive even more delightful.

No doubt that this was the “Black Adder’s” case.

Rodrigo Coluccini
Criador e proprietário da Revista Deco Stop, foi um dos responsáveis pela divulgação em larga escala das informações sobre naufrágios no litoral brasileiro, fato antes restrito a poucos. É co-autor do manual de naufrágios da certificadora PDIC. Seu trabalho é citado em vários livros atuais sobre história maritima brasileira confirmando a importância de seu trabalho.