The Faria Lemos

Croqui: Rodrigo Coluccini - Revista Deco Stop

At Guaibura beach, between Nova Guarapari and Meaípe, in a reef named Três Pedras, rests the remains of the steamship “Faria Lemos.”

This dive site that have only good visibility in the summer, is a great option for those interested in easier dives. Paralel to the reef and in dephts from eight to twelve meters, the “Faria Lemos” is a great shipwreck dive.

Starting the dive from the stern, the shallowest part of the wreck, we see a capstan side by side with the huge engine that still have the shaft connected to it. Going forward, there is two main boilers, one auxiliary boiler with the steam tubes.

A great quantidity of remaining cargo, that some people believe to to be Olive oil barrels, are spread in the area that also contains others itens such a huge metal plates. Going straight to the bow, we see the davit, one winch, a metal deck and the nails from the keel.A classic iron-stocked anchor show us the end of the wreckage.

A lot of Ironstone China, bottles and Fry & Son silver itens could be seen in the area. Despite the fact of the shipwreck is close to a beach. it is not possible to reach the wreckage from it.The best way to get into this dive point is using a diveboat from Guarapari. Unfortunately there is no informations about the ship´s identity but some people believe that the ship is british.

In the day we dived, a great visibility of 15 meters allow us to see the ship from the surface !  Great view !

Many thanks to Julio Yaber of the dive shop Atlantes for taking us to this great dive !

Rodrigo Coluccini
Criador e proprietário da Revista Deco Stop, foi um dos responsáveis pela divulgação em larga escala das informações sobre naufrágios no litoral brasileiro, fato antes restrito a poucos. É co-autor do manual de naufrágios da certificadora PDIC. Seu trabalho é citado em vários livros atuais sobre história maritima brasileira confirmando a importância de seu trabalho.