The Galleon Santa Rosa – Lost treasure in brazilian waters

Since the begging of navigation, thousands ships sunk. Many of them was carrying, value itens and cargos, that after years and the help of storytellers and writers make almost everybody dream about the treasures that lie beneath the sea. After all , who don´t want to find a treasure ?

In the seas and oceans of the planet Earth, are many shipwrecks known as “treasure ships”. Some of them have been found:

  • The spanish galleon “Nuestra Señora de Atocha”, by the treasure hunter Mel Fischer in the coast of Florida. The search fot the “Atocha” last for sixteen years and gave to Mel Fischer the tresasure of almost 400 million dollars.
  • The Steamship “Central América”, who was loaded with gold from the Californian mines and his discoverer Tommy Thompson salvage the biggest treasure ever taken from the bottom of the sea: One billion dollars !

Here in Brazil there is a record of the shipwreck of the portugues galleon “Santa Rosa”, sunk off Recife in September 6th of 1726.

According to the records, as the ship pass off Recife, coming from Salvador, the powder exploded causing the sinking of the ship.Only three persons survived of a crew and passengers of 700.

The treasure on board of the “Santa Rosa” can worth 500 million dollars and this great amount of money attract the attention of international salvage companys. One of this companys has been in Brazil searching for the wreckage of the “Santa Rosa” and others two Dutch ships that also carry valuable cargo and may be in the area of Recife.

This company especialists, who are experienced in that kind of operation, works with ships and remote operated vehicle (ROV) in the efforts to search the shipwrecks. According to the company’s opinion, the “Santa Rosa” lies on deep waters of 1.100 meters. The search of  “Santa Rosa” is the first deep water expedition ever made in brazilian waters to find a shipwreck.

In many cases of treasure hunting, one pattern can be notice: If you find the right wreckage, You will find the treasure !

There are no ways of a shipwreck with great amount of treasure hide for long time the existance of the precious cargo.In Recife, a few years ago, it was announced that the “Santa Rosa” was found at the depht of 30 meters. The wreckage belong to a wood hull ship, probably of the same time that the “Santa Rosa” was built. The shipwreck is very dismantled and buried in the sand and even after a lot of work to find the treasure not one piece of gold or jewelry was found.Nothing of value at all.

Videos and books about treasure hunting are available everywhere. Anyone interested who read about it will agree with me that is in the right ship that the treasure lies.

Back to the “Santa Rosa” , he is still lost and unfortunately seems the the finders of the ship will not be brazilians.

Rodrigo Coluccini
Criador e proprietário da Revista Deco Stop, foi um dos responsáveis pela divulgação em larga escala das informações sobre naufrágios no litoral brasileiro, fato antes restrito a poucos. É co-autor do manual de naufrágios da certificadora PDIC. Seu trabalho é citado em vários livros atuais sobre história maritima brasileira confirmando a importância de seu trabalho.