Recall: Máscara Omersub Zero Cube

Hazard: Non-conforming glass was used for the lens, which can shatter during normal use, posing an injury hazard

Description: The diving mask is designed to cover the eyes and nose. The mask and strap are made with soft black rubber, with hard rubber around the two glass lenses. “O.M.E.R.” appears on the forehead area of the mask in raised letters. The UPS Code 801 773 612 2298 and Omersub MFG Part #603NCF appear on the original packaging.

Incidents / Injuries: Twelve incidents have been reported to the firm in which the lens has shattered. No injuries have been reported.

Consumers should immediately stop using the mask and contact Technosport for a replacement mask.

Sold at: Technosport Inc. and local diving equipment retailers, and online at and from April 2012 through June 2015 for about $80.

Importer(s): Technosport Inc., of Virginia Beach, Va.


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