Atualização de firmware do rebreather SE7EN da Poseidon

A Poseidon disponibilizou um anova atualização do software do rebreather SE7EN, com as modificaões abaixo (em inglês):

M28 v2.1.7

  • Planner: Add planner tool which support both DCAP and Buhlmann.
  • Power usage: Reduce the overall power consumptions.
  • Performance: Improve the performance which will make the display respond faster.
  • Pressure sensor: Improve the handling of pressure sensor.
  • SSO2 sensor: Improve SSO2 handling.
  • 3D chip: Improve and update 3D chip driver.
  • System view: Show mV of galvanic O2 sensors. Show more information from SSO2 sensor


SE7EN v1.49

  • Green LED in CHUD: The Green LED in the HUD will now only fade in/out when in CCR on land. As soon as divestart it will not be in use, due to it is sometimes hard for the diver to see the difference between Green/Red. The RED flash every 2 minutes is still active to tell diver to look at the display.
  • Deco line notification: When in Deco, the notification 1.5 meter from deco limit, is now moved to 0.5 meter from deco limit.
  • C1 errors: Improve the sensor validation logic, which may reduce some C1 errors
  • Gas injection after validation: The logic when to inject gas after a validation, has been improved. This will limit sensor spikes after a validation.
  • CPOD: Improved the SSO2 handling in the CPOD.


RbConfig v1.21

  • Drop file on divelog
  • Zoom in divelog

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