Computador Freedom DiveSoft – Novo Firmware v1.14

A DiveSoft disponibilizou uma nova atualização de firmware do computador Freedom.

Veja abaixo em inglês como atualizá-lo e o que mudou:

Use our Firmware Manager (for Mac or Windows) for the fast update of the firmware in your Freedom computer:

New features of the firmware

– Gas consumption in planner
– Gas enhanced configuration – bootle volume (water capacity only) and pressure
– Gas remaining pressure (used for planner warning for not enough gas)
– SP automatic change also during ascent or at given time (Closed Circuit only), solves strategy SPlow for bottom, SPhigh for ascent

Changes in firmware

– Depth reached notification also for ascent (3 points)
– Measured gas in Analyzer mode can be saved into standard Mix configuration
– Improved semigraphic editor for several configuration items
– If Nodeco value is out of range, it displays nothing (instead of 999)
– Improved accuracy of water temperature
– Improved readability of menues (selectable Setup / Preferences / Display / Menu highlight)
– Show by light setting dropped, function active all the time
– Global alarms off setting dropped
– Dive time termination configurable (see bellow)
– NoFly doesn’t jump back and forth with baro pressure
– Support for bigger flash memory

Error corrections in firmware

– Potential surface pressure error if pressure sensor correction set
– Corrected sudden ceiling drop when surface reached

Gas consumption in planner

OC gasses have now enhanced configuration, bootle volume and initial pressure are added. Also the required final pressure is configured. The planner now calculates gas consumption for each gas, anad display alert in case the gas volume is not sufficient.

Dive time termination

– Setup / Preferences / Timeouts / Dive Time
– Auto setting: dive time stops on surface, jumps to current time if the dive continues
– Cave setting: dive time continues regardless of depth
– Warning: Dive termination setting remains active, if not set to zero.



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