Recall: Hollis Prism 2 BOV


Serial # range HB7130000 – HB11130383

Some of the mushroom valve holders in the PRISM 2 BOV units have proved to be prone to cracking. We determined that the cause was some nonconforming materials in our supply chain. Affected BOV’s where manufactured July 2013 – October 2013 with serial numbers HB7130000 – HB11130383.  Our dealers are exchanging affected parts with new ones made of a different material. To help identify the effected BOV’s: The original part was black in color, and the new parts are gray in color.

This issue under rare circumstances could lead to failed stereo valve checks during the Pre-Dive checklist, or a hypercapnia (high CO2) condition in the breathing loop. Discontinue use of your PRISM 2 BOV until you replace the mushroom valve holders with new parts from your dealer. Instructions for removal and replacement can be found in the PRISM 2 BOV Quality Alert doc. 12-4154(available from your PRISM 2 Dealer) or the PRISM 2 BOV User Manual doc. 12-4103 r02. We ask that you contact the Hollis Dealer who sold you the PRISM 2 BOV to arrange for the free parts exchange.

WARNING: Discontinue use of the PRISM 2 BOV until new (gray color) mushroom valve holders are installed.

Fonte: Hollis



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