Recall: Oceanic – Computador VTX

The Issue

A manufacturing defect has been identified within a specific serial number range of VTX Personal Dive Computers. The only computers affected by this alert are VTX WRIST UNITS with serial numbers between 565 and 3632. All other serial numbers are unaffected. Through our continuous failure analyses process, Oceanic, in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, Pelagic Pressure Systems, has identified a trend of VTX computers being returned due to water intrusion into the housing. The testing and evaluation of each returned VTX has identified an issue in the tolerances between the housing port and the shaft of the buttons, which has resulted in an unacceptable failure rate of about 3%.

The Remedy

As a result, we have developed a new housing which allow for very precise tolerances and additional testing procedures have been implemented in our quality assurance process. No other Oceanic or AUP computers are affected by this quality alert; including the Aeris A300CS computer or the first 564 VTX, which used different housings. The only computers affected by this alert are VTX WRIST UNITS with serial numbers between 565 and 3632. All other serial numbers are unaffected.

New VTX computers will have housings beginning with serial number 5000, and all new and updated VTX computers will be produced using the new housing.

We remain committed to the quality products you can expect from Oceanic. We have extended the warranty period on all VTX computers to three (3) years, and we will be releasing a Quality Alert to facilitate the return and replacement of all affected VTX Wrist units.

How to return affected VTX WRIST UNITS

To expedite the return process we have developed an easy to use web based RMA system. A dedicated processing department will process returns. All request for returns will be directed to and handled through this new web based RMA system. Please use the following link to log into our electronic RMA system to create an account, and begin the return process.

This digital RMA system will allow for the prompt processing of affected VTXs computers. The RMA system allows 24/7 submissions of return requests and real-time status of all returns.

It is imperative that only the WRIST portion (Receiver) of the VTX computer is returned.  Any additional equipment, and/or any accessories, will delay the processing of the return, and additional items may not be returned.

We thank you for your cooperation and support in returning any affected VTX WRIST UNITS. Oceanic strives to produce quality products and to promptly address any issues that may occur. We anticipate the in-house processing and updating of received VTX Wrist units to take approximately ten (10) business days, and we hope to make the return process as effortless as possible for you.




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