Recall: Regulador Hollis modelo DC7

It has come to our attention that a small production run of the DC7 regulator first stages were improperly assembled. ONLY DC7 regulator packages with a serial number H7000000 – H7000670 on the first stage are affected. Our dealers have reworked and corrected the issue with many of the units before they were sold.

You can check online to confirm if this rework has already been completed for your product here –

If the service was completed, you need do nothing more. If it was not completed, the problem could allow debris past the inlet filter causing contamination and possible High Pressure Seat malfunction. Discontinue use of your DC7 and SE500 regulator until it receives corrective service. We ask that you contact your Hollis Dealer to arrange the free repair. We apologize for any inconvenience.

WARNING: DISCONTINUE USE of the regulator first stage until it receives a retrofit/repair. ONLY Hollis Dealers and their trained service technicians can perform this service. Non-authorized persons who attempt the service procedure risk voiding the product’s warranty and rendering the product dangerously unsafe for SCUBA use.

Hollis Technical Support

Fonte: Hollis



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